My current prayer requests:
- Mine and my husband's business: to remember that God is our ultimate provider, not our work or our careers. Our lives are not up to us, and God will take care of us regardless of what happens.
- the health of our elderly family members during the Covid-19 and that they would not be anxious about their health
- continued wisdom in parenting our girls
- to use this time to learn and grow closer to God


Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 


"We are all dealing with hard things and disappointments. It helps to know we're in it together and God is sovereign over all."

I got that text from a friend recently. When she sent it, she was referencing hard things related to coronavirus. But I think it applies across the board.

This page is not about photography. It is just about life. Life has beautiful parts that we should celebrate wholeheartedly. Usually those are the parts I photograph, and I love it! But the hard parts are just as real and we all experience them to varying degrees. Let's be there for each other. If there is a way I can pray for you, please let me know. Big requests or small--they all matter to our Father. I will update our family's requests below so you can pray for us also if you feel so inclined.

When I get your message, I will add it to a list that I will pray over specifically on Mondays, but also as you come to mind. You are welcome to leave your name and contact info, but don't feel like you have to. Anonymous is a-okay!

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