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Will & Heather’s Revel Wedding

Will and Heather: high school (and camp!) sweethearts, long distance for a while, a legacy of writing letters, and finally MARRIED! Their day was equal parts elegant, uniquely personalized, and fun! 

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding were:

– their florals: I adored the succulents and wire/metal detail that seamlessly tied in to the venue and feel of the day
– the personalized details: Heather’s mom adjusted all the beading on her gown, added some color detail at the bottom, and some mermaid (!!) lace detail at the bustle that was discreet and yet perfection! The wine Heather & Will drank at the reception was from the winery where they got engaged. The bridesmaids had personalized charms and part of the MOB’s wedding dress adorning the hangers.
– Will taking a minute to address the crowd in the ceremony!
– The awesomely choreographed and fun father/daughter dance!

Will and Heather, it was such a pleasure. Thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day. It was such a treat to witness and document the start of your lives together!

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