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Bent Creek Farm South Carolina Wedding, Kenzie and Nicole


Best day ever!

That’s what the programs said, and it was accurate!

Nicole and Kenzie are friends of ours and it was such a blessings to get to watch them go through the engagement and wedding planning process with such grace. Even when the rain came and went like 15 times on their wedding day, did it get them down? No way! And we ended the day with clear skies and the most beautiful sunset–AND got some great outside portraits in. YAY! But the real yay is for marriage, all that it represents, and how beautifully these two are already living it out, and will continue to live it ourt through the years. Love you guys!

As always, here are some of my fav things from this wedding day:

– Nicole carried her dad’s handkerchief around her bouquet and it made me happy.
– Seeing Kenzie lay eyes on Nicole when she came down the aisle is something that you just had to see. I got photos but seeing it in person was just another thing. All the happy tears! (And that fist pump on the first kiss–the best!)
– When you asked this bridal party to throw a party behind Kenzie and Nicole, they were ON. BOARD. You guys win! 🙂

Mr. and Mrs. Lusk, let’s hang out soon, ok?!?


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