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Ann-Marie and Joe’s Edinburgh West Wedding, Greenville Wedding Photographer

At one point during the reception, I looked over and my second shooter and photog BFF, Jill (“IDK, my BFF Jill?” Old commercial quote, anyone?!? Yeah…just me?…) was wiping away a tear. I felt one in my eye too. This day was full of moments like this and I am going to list some below because I couldn’t help but share. But let’s rewind. Let me introduce Ann-Marie and Joe aka Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert!

When I first met Ann-Marie, you could tell she was so on top of things. She had a vision for her day, was so excited about the photography process, and most of all, was so excited about her GROOM! I left that meeting really hoping I would get to know these two more. I feel so thankful that I did!

I was also so excited to work at their venue, Edinburgh West. And I am sure from the images below, you can see why! It has some of everything: Mountain views, green space, a gazebo outdoor ceremony area, lush florals, an indoor all glass English conservatory (a natural light photographer’s DREAM), big entrance gates (Buckingham Palace, anyone?!?)….it is so lovely and perfectly matched Ann-Marie’s dream wedding vision.

Ok, so now back to some of my favorite parts of the day:

– Before Ann-Marie walked down the aisle, the pastor had everyone stand and listed to a scripture from Genesis 2:2. Hearing his words focused everyone on the magnitude of the covenant these 2 were about to make, and when she did walk through the doors, I think it made the moment even more special. I had chills!

– Ann-Marie did a reveal with her bridesmaids once she got in her dress, and it was the things dreams were made of. They were (of course!) so in awe of their friend and it was so special to capture that. It made Ann-Marie feel even more like the princess she is and started off the day with a bang!

– Can we talk parent dances? I mean…I always thought they were sweet, but since becoming a parent, they get me every time. And THIS time, about half way through each of the songs, they invited all the fathers and daughters and mothers and sons to join them on the dance floor. It was such a precious moment to watch pairs of all ages and stages join Ann-Marie and Joe and have a special moment together also. And that is when my second shooter, Jill, and I looked at each other and had some simultaneous tears.

– And last but certainly not least, this crew knew how to party! The dancing never stopped and it was so fun to see so much whole hearted celebration in that moment. Out in the real world there is a lot going on, but in that room that night, it was all joy. And I think that was good for everyone’s heart!

Ann-Marie and Joe, it really was a *joy*. Thank you for trusting me with your images and welcoming me in so warmly. Let’s stay in touch!!

Last but certainly not least, shout out to the awesome vendor team who worked hard to make it all possible:

Venue, florals, and catering: Edinburgh West

Planning and Coordination: Kennedy at Edinburgh West

Hair and Makeup: Studio Luxe Greenville

DJ: Jason Britt

Wedding gown: The Dress Bridal Boutique

Invitations: Minted


Right?!? They couldn’t get enough of Ann-Marie, and rightly so!


Joe and Ann-Marie love going to this certain music festival and each year all the attendees have bracelets that they trade around for the whole event. When I asked them what a good “signature shot” would be that really told the story of them, they decided to bring their bracelets! Love love love!

Loved seeing all these moms and sons!

  1. Our family needed that lovely day to bring us tightly together during this world wide storm. It will always be part of our ongoing story.
    The best part of our story is it connects strongly with HIS story! The Creator God of the universe. We are in His hands.
    Father we thank you for a beautiful relaxing and lovely weekend before the world shut down to rest.

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