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Alison and John’s Pretty Place Wedding

I think it’s safe to say that Covid-19 disproportionately affected these two–right up to the actual week of their wedding. Eesh. And you know how they handled it? Like the champs that they are. They rolled with the punches and everything ended up going so well.

Pandemic or not, I always show up to the wedding day and read the room. How is the couple feeling? Even the calmest people get anxious on their wedding day. It is 100% normal! Is there anything I can do to bring some peace of mind and ease tensions? And that means different things on different wedding days with different couples. Everyone is different. For Alison and John, they were all smiles and joy when I arrived, despite all the flexibility they had been forced to show. I was amazed!
Some things I loved about their day specifically were:
– Alison had the perfect veil!! What makes the perfect veil, you ask?? It is the lightest of fabrics and doesn’t have anything that gives it any extra weight. Don’t get me wrong, we can get a great veil shot with any option you choose, but when you go with these, they are extra flowy and epic to photograph!
– Let’s just say that John had us all in tears as he gave his vows. What a perfect moment! (See below as Alison reached out and grabbed his arm in the middle of it.)
– The sunset at Pretty Place! This is I think the latest wedding I have done at Pretty Place and the sunset really was something out of a dream!
– The relationships Alison and John have with their family and friends. It was just so clear how much they DELIGHT in the relationship they have with each person. It’s life giving to them and that spills out on everyone around them!
– Their Roll Tide exit! I love something personalized and when we sent them through the tunnel of crimson and white, it was so good that we had them to an encore!
Alison and John, to say it was a pleasure would be an understatement! Wishing you all the joy and love in the world!

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