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Meghan and Jacob’s Pretty Place Wedding

At long last, Meghan and Jacob (and their closest people) were able to make the trip from Florida up to the beautiful mountains surrounding Pretty Place Chapel for their wedding!

Like so many, their wedding plans were affected by the pandemic. We were originally supposed to be here on June 13, 2020….and this gorgeous day was *almost* exactly a year later. They ended up getting married in their backyard last year, but wanted to still share the memories and experience of the mountains with their family, and I am so glad they did! It was a gorgeous day, and these two were so laid back, fun, and easy to celebrate!\

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

  • Meghan’s dress….It was so intricate and the perfect shade of PINK!! Yes please!
  • I also love that both her parents walked her down the aisle. It was such a sweet and subtle touch of love and support that I loved!
  • The views. I mean it is Pretty Place, so that is a given. But that view was extra clear and perfect for these two!
  • The Gladstone House! It is a perfectly sweet little event venue in downtown Brevard that was *perfect* for their intimate party. It was light, airy, and perfecty functional. I hope I am back there soon!

Meghan and Jacob–it was a wild ride and you did it! Thank you so much for having me along. I loved every moment and wish you both the very best in the adventure ahead! <3

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