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Shannon & John’s Sunrise Pretty Place Wedding

Talk about pictures speaking louder than words:

I mean….yeah….and THAT is worth driving down to from Pittsburgh, PA! Shannon and John did just that for their mid-week sunrise wedding at Pretty Place. When you are coming from far away and getting married at a time when the weather can be a little volatile at sunrise…it is a lot of pressure to put on the weather. But I knew from talking to Shannon and John that while they certainly hoped for a view just like they had–what *really* counted to them was to have a meaningful wedding ceremony centered on Christ. And the rest was just icing on an already beautiful cake. Well, it just so happened that they got both!

When my associate team arrived at 6am, they sent me some behind the scenes iphone photos of the sunrise. When I woke up and saw those, I could not WAIT to see the real images and get to editing them. Buckle up and prepare your hearts….because it was that good!

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

– The sunsrise and those foggy (but not too foggy) mountain views. It could not have been more beautiful!

– Shannon and John made their first act as a married couple to be a foot washing ceremony. Hayes and I also did this as part of our wedding too! Starting marriage in mutual service to each other, as Jesus did, was so meaningful.

– Those candid in between moments. We always have the camera ready and the team there did a great job of catching those precious moments: Shannon’s dad kissing her head before walking her down the aisle, John’s tears with his mom during family photos, Shannon and John’s special pinkie finger interlocking kiss….the intentional portraits time is always beautiful, but we won’t forget the candids!

Shannon and John, thank you so much for trusting us and letting us join in on a wedding we won’t soon forget. Much love to the newlyweds!!

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