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Emily & Michael’s Noah’s Greenville, SC Wedding

Emily and Michael’s wedding day was the picture of style and sophistication down to the very last detail. (I knew it would be even back at their engagement session. GORGEOUS!) There were so many things that made this day shine. Here are a few:

  • The perfect white Rolls-Royce getaway car in classic white
  • Emily’s beautiful gown–it was fit for a royal wedding!
  • The first dance. Michael and Emily took dance classes and their first dance (and ALL their dances) were perfection.

But best of all was the emotion they brought to the day. From reading the notes each other wrote before the wedding to the ceremony its self, they let themselves be present in the moment. Give me all the happy tears! Many blessings to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dubowski. It was such a pleasure!


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