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Nicole & Chris’s Noah’s of Greenville, SC Wedding

Sometimes wedding days come and OF COURSE I am super excited…but then the night ends and there’s a TEENY bit of sadness because I have so loved getting to know (and be friends!) with the couple and then we don’t have another hangout time scheduled because…well…the wedding is over and the photos are done! That’s the case here. So basically, let’s just hang out again sometime, okay Chris and Nicole?!?

Every time we got together to plan their day, it felt like sitting down with friends. They put so much of themselves and their personalities in their wedding day and it made each part so memorable and meaningful. Just a few (of many) examples…

– Nicole was in lots of family weddings as a flower girl growing up and it was a sweet memory. And now, she and Chris have lots of little girl cousins. How then to choose a flower girl? Just have them all! 15! And no, it was not crazy–it was PERFECT! And to make it even sweeter? They walked down the aisle to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King. Perfection!

– Nicole surprising her mom by choosing to walk up the aisle to “her song”.

– Topical Grill. Need I say more? (If you don’t know what I am talking about and live in the Greenville area, make plans to eat there asap!)

– My husband and I are….pretty nerdy. And we like it that way! When I saw Chris and Nicole’s cake topper…I immediately sent a photo to my husband to say we had found some of our people. 🙂

– “He’s crying! Yes! He’s crying!”- Nicole seeing Chris as she was coming up the aisle!

– The soul train style dance recessional!

Oh man. Can we do it again? I would in a heartbeat! Many congratulations to you guys, Chris and Nicole.  Much love!


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