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My friends! The Reynolds Fam!

This is me and Leland. Here is a little of our backstory:

I was an RA at Wofford and Leland was on my hall her freshman year. We got to be friends that year and I always thought she was great. (We bonded over several things initially, one of which being our mutual not-so-great feelings about Halloween. I know…unpopular opinion. I still like YOU if you like Halloween. I just don’t like the creepy/scary part. So for a costume function Leland attended her freshman year, I helped her dress up as a candy cane. Christmas wins!)

Our friendship only grew over time.  Now we are on a group text with several of our other best friends that’s going all the time, we go on an annual reunion trip with those friends every year (coming up this weekend!), we text each other about random baby things because her son and Parker are about a month apart. And trust me, that is the tip of the iceberg. We go deep and there is way more there than this little blog post can hold. 🙂

When their sweet son was born, they lived in Mexico while Mark (her husband, and also one of our best friends in his own right!) was on a work assignment, so I was not around to do newborn photos for them. SO when this nugget turned one and they were in town, it was my moment! These three are even sweeter than the photos depict. I love you guys! So glad we get to do life together!

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