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Josie and Silas’s Wedding at The Marmalade Lily, Cincinnati, OH Wedding Photography

Josie and Silas. Aren’t they just the picture of JOY?!? Yes, yes they are–and it is for real! From the moment I heard from her, I knew that we would just click! Josie is a friend of Liz, whose wedding I shot in Cincinnati last year. It is extra fun when there is a common thread between brides and that I got to come back to Ohio. I could barely contain my excitement. Yeah….I didn’t really contain it! HA! It was such a blessing from start to finish.

Josie reached out about her wedding last October. Ah, October….remember October? No one had ever heard of Covid. Most people I know didn’t own a face mask. No one could have imagined what was coming for us in the first quarter of 2020. Wedding planning in a pandemic is something there was no context for when Josie and all the other 2020 brides had to start navigating it. Josie and Silas handled it with so much grace decided to stick with their original date and have a much reduced guest list, with the hopes that later in the fall they can have a larger gathering with everyone.

You know what? This day was *so* lovely. It was full of sentiment, happy tears, laughs, and love. I must say, I hope I get back to Ohio soon because I have left little pieces of my photographer’s heart there! 🙂 Many blessings, you two! I know that world will be a brighter place because Josie and Silas are together!



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