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Emilye & Ryan’s Larkins Wedding Downtown Greenville

I first met Emilye and Ryan  more than a year ago and we had a great time sitting at Spill the Beans in downtown talking about all things wedding….and Disney! 🙂 We were so excited about their May wedding and then….ya know…Corona….

They got officially married on that original date in a sweet backyard ceremony, but were officially CELEBRATED this past weekend at Larkins. It was beautiful, and joyful, and carefree–just what we were all hoping for the Fausts! 🙂

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

– Like I said, Emilye and Ryan love Disney and snuck in several nods to Disney throughout the day. Which ones do you spot as you scroll through?

– Their first look gave me all the feels. Married 3 months ago or not, seeing her in that wedding dress for the first time was a big deal!

– The many faces of Ryan photo props. LOVE a fun sense of humor!

Emilye and Ryan–what a delight it has been! You guys be sure to stay in touch and of course, live happily ever after!! <3

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