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Shannon & David’s Pretty Place Elopement


I have done a few elopements since the whole Covid ordeal started, but most of them have been more like micro-weddings than elopements, because they have had some people there to watch.. Well, I can officially say as of this Thursday that I have done a true elopement this year. It was just me, Shannon and David, and their officiant. And it was beautiful. I loved how they walked down the aisle TOGETHER (!!!) and had some time afterwards to just sit by themselves (while I photographed their rings), take in the views, and enjoy the first moments as husband and wife together. It was so beautiful! As are their portraits–no Chandler Bing smiles here! (Gotta love Friends! )

And guess what guys: I even say my very first hint of fall!! At the end of their portrait time, there was a sweet little orange leaf peeking out of the trees. As we know, it is going to take a while, for fall to officially arrive in temperature, but the process has begun! 🙂

Shannon and David, all the best of everything to you two!

Walking down the aisle WITH your man! One of the advantages of eloping! (Especially with steep steps in heels!)   You saw it here first! See below! Those are the first orange leaves of fall!!  

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