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Kelli & Weaver’s Pretty Place Wedding, Greenville Wedding Photographer

Here they are! Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick!! How gorgeous are these two?!?

They got married on a Friday and the day started with me pulling up to the *cutest* little Inn. I love inns. I’m not sure that I *knew* how much I love inns until this day, but turns out that I do! 🙂 As I think about it, The Echo Mountain Inn is a lot like Kelli and Weaver: charming, easy to be with, classy, beautiful (obviously)…it was the perfect place to start their day.

As I was driving up the mountain, it was…foggy. And turns out that fog never really burned off. And while when you are planning a wedding at Pretty Place, fog is not your plan A, Kelli and Weaver took it all in stride.We spent their day in a cloud and it did look pretty magical–like something out of the English countryside!!

These two make a gorgeous couple on the outside as you can obviously see, but I can say from getting to know them that they are just as beautiful on the inside. They exude warmth, welcome, and love…and have surrounded themselves with friends and family that do the same. You guys have been a blessing to get to know and I am honored! Here’s to the Kirkpatricks!!


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