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Kara and Cole’s Bristol, VA Wedding

To truly appreciate how special this wedding was for me, it requires a little back story on these lovely humans:

This is Kara and Cole! So…where to start? Kara and her friends have this tradition where when one of them is getting engaged the whole group comes to surprise the girl who was just proposed to where ever that event happens to take place. I know this because the story of how I met Kara started back in 2017. I was doing a few sessions in downtown Greenville. When I arrived, I saw a couple from afar as the guy (Brad!) was proposing. Turns out the folks I was meeting were running late, so I took a few impromptu shots of Caitlin and Brad never thinking I would hear from them again. WELL!!! Kara was one of the friends who was downtown surprising Caitlin that day….and then in 2018 I got to shoot Caitlyn and Bradley’s wedding which was such a dream! AND THEN NOW I got to capture Kara and Cole. It really has been a dream come true to get to know this group of friends and to photograph 2 of their weddings!!

Kara and Cole….I mean they just match each other in kindness and fun more than I can say. They love the Lord, they love people so well, and kindness just seeps from their pores. When you walk in the getting ready room at the start of the day to see familiar faces, and share hugs and squeals, you really know that it is going to be a noteworthy wedding day. 100%

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

  • The wedding party of your dreams. Just the sweetest girls who were on cloud 9 for Kara all day. And the guys were too–and they were just a HOOT. Scroll down, it is obvious!
  • The train of Kara’s dress held its shape so well and just perfectly twirled around her. Every time I fluffed it, I commented on how great it was, and I am sure everyone got sick of hearing it. But I just couldn’t help it!
  • Barbaritos. They had big barbaritos burritos at the reception and I ate the whole thing. Happily. With steak. Winning! Also, so many delicious cake options. The food was phenomenal!
  • The Bristol sign!! So funny story there: The planned exit was down a set of stairs which would have been pretty for sure, but there’s this huge Bristol sign that Kara and Cole really liked and it was lit up at night! So we shifted so we could get that behind them in their exit!! Which was all great, we got out there and lined up….and then a train came and blocked the sign. The longest train ever….So we waited out in the chill, but I think it was 100% worth it!!

Kara and Cole. In all honesty, it really was a dream day for me, and I hope that the photos help your remember it that way too, forever! Happy honeymooning! Sending lots of hugs your way!

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