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Meredith and Anthony’s First Presbyterian Church Wedding in Downtown Greenville

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Meredith and Anthony Lopez!! Aren’t they just gorgeous?!?

Meredith and Anthony were originally planning to get married maybe in 2021 or ’22…you know, when Covid calms down hopefully. But when they found out that Anthony was going to be deploying, the decided to move the wedding up and get married beforehand! Who could blame them! They were just a dream to work with. So natural, easy going, and fun! And you know when the groom is just as excited about taking photos, that it is going to be a extra great time! 🙂

One of my favorite stories from their wedding day is about Meredith’s ring set. The three bands and diamond all came from different pieces of their family: Meredith’s grandmother, Anthony’s grandmother, Anthony’s parents, and one that Meredith and Anthony chose together. So on her hand from now until forever is a representation of their legacy–where they came from and where they are going together. So beautiful!

Meredith and Anthony, all the best to you two on the new adventure ahead! 🙂

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