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All About Reviews!

It’s a little bit of an awkward topic: Reviews.


As a business owner, it can be weird to *ask* for them, but having reviews is one of the very best ways to get new business. If you are like my fam, before we make any major decisions, we look at reviews. And most all my couples at some point mention looking up reviews before reaching out to me! It is what makes people feel comfortable to send that first email.

So to have a place to point people when they ask, I have compiled some links below where you can share your experience! (Which I hope was a great one!)


FOR EVERYONE: Google. (Portrait clients, wedding clients, vendors, etc.)


Google is GREAT in several ways! (This applies not only to me, but any business you want to bless with a review!) If someone googles me or my business, there is often a block that appears to the side which has a star rating and a place to see full reviews *right there* on the search results screen! It is so helpful to those researching, which means it is so helpful to the business also! BONUS: Having reviews also helps SEO which generally helps businesses be discovered by more people!

For Wedding Clients: Wedding Wire and The Knot

It is great for reviews to be on these platforms specifically since many couples use these when browsing vendors! If you don’t mind posting on both, that would be great! (Can use the same review and just post to each one.)

Wedding Wire link:

The Knot link:


Not just me, but I know ANY small business that you love would do a little happy dance when getting your review! Not only is it a free way to help , but it also spreads a lot of joy and encouragement! 🙂

Now to go write some reviews for my friends!



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