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Lyndy and Josh’s Wedding at Charlyn Farms

At Lyndy’s bridal session she casually asked if I knew about the enneagram at all. To which I gave an emphatic YES! Well, turns out Lyndy is a 9…and so am I!!! And Josh is a 7…and so is HAYES! (My husband) We we are basically couple twins. No wonder I like these two so much!!

Lyndy and Josh are so calm, laid back, fun, and funny! I loved how they joked around with each other and with their families and friends all day long. It is something extra special to see families who not only get along, but who you can tell just *love* being with each other. They made me smile all day!

Some more of my favorite parts of their wedding were:

  • Along with the beautiful florals, Lyndy included some blue velvet roses. It gave the arrangements extra pop and texture and tied the whole color scheme together in such a unique way!
  • Calling an audible: We had planned to do the full wedding party photos before the ceremony since Josh and Lyndy had a first look, but we had shifted the schedule a little, so we chose to move those photos until after family formals. Ang guess what, just as we did, the clouds parted and we got some pretty glowy sunshine! We had every type of weather this day, but since they did a first look and most of their portraits beforehand, we had time to shift full wedding party later to ease the schedule and also to make use of that gorgeous light!
  • I loved that Josh walked Lyndy’s mom down the aisle during the processional. It was so sweet to watch them–one family already even though the ceremony hadn’t happened yet. As the pastor said, the wedding solidified a commitment and partnership that was already existing. I loved that.
  • Lyndy and her dad started their first dance in a pretty standard way…but then surprised everyone with a special dance! (My Friends tv show fans, hold on to your seats…) Without *anyone* else knowing at all, Lyndy and her dad had learned “The Routine” dance from Friends and performed it as their first dance!!! It was PERFECT!!!

To my friends Lyndy and Josh: I have no doubt that you will always dance, be silly, laugh, be each other’s biggest fan, and hold tight to each other and to the Lord through everything life will bring. I’m exited for you guys!! Stay in touch, Schonhars!


Props to the vendor team:

Venue: Charlyn Farms

Hair and Makeup: Cotton Rouge and Company

Catering: Kendall’s Grill

Bridesmaids Dresses: Madison Carolina Bridal

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