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Brooke & Jackson’s Chattooga Belle Farms Engagement Session


I thought when I left Greenville that I had done a great job dressing for the weather. After all, I was headed generally south–no problem! Well, turns out we were all in for a chillier evening than expected with lots of wind, but you wouldn’t know if from these two! When it is cold, just snuggle up!

Brooke and Jackson have an ease about them that makes them so easy to hang out with and get to know. We laughed, played with their sweet pup Phoebe, and just couldn’t stop about how perfectly the scenery had played out for us. The views at Chattooga Belle will never get old, no matter the season. But the real spectacle were these two! I can hardly wait for their wedding down in Bluffton this fall! I will be there with bells on!


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