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Wes & Elyse’s Rock Quarry Garden & Pelham Mill Park Engagement Session

You never know when you pick a date on the calendar for a session exactly what the weather and conditions will be. Honestly, that is part of the creativity part for me. Each time I go to shoot, the lighting and conditions are a little different. So even if I have shot somewhere tons of times, each time can be different. Well, Elyse and Wes hit the jackpot on weather and we got that warm glow both at the manicured Rock Quarry Gardens AND at the more wilderness-like Pelham Mill Park. I love getting two different feels in the same day!

But more than the weather, the real treat of the day was getting to spend time with these two! The conversation was fun and easy and they even texted me a picture of their dinner after I made a sushi recommendation in town! (Irashiai for anyone wondering!) I was already SO excited about their wedding on Dataw Island this September, but now I am even more so, just to hang out with them again. Let’s talk soon, you two!

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