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Lindsay and Chris’s Pretty Place Wedding

First things first, you MUST know how Lindsay and Chris met! A couple years ago Lindsay and her kids had just gotten a new goldendoodle puppy. One day on a trip to Starbucks, her son noticed a goldendoodle sitting outside on the Starbucks patio and went over to pet it. Lindsay happened to be in line behind Chris and asked if that was his dog. It was, and they ended up talking for a while about the pups and exchanging numbers at her son’s suggestion so that the dogs could meet. And the rest is history! Is that not just the best story?!?

Their wedding day was just as beautiful! Here is the truth–people come to Pretty Place to get married with the backdrop of that beautiful mountain view. But you also can’t control the weather, and for 2+ of the 3 hours of their time block, the chapel and mountains were 100% in a cloud. A dense cloud. A hard to see your hand in front of your face cloud. For those mountain views, it was not ideal. But we make do, and I kept saying that we still have time for it to clear out. The weather up on the mountain can change in an *instant* and wouldn’t you know it….with about 30 min or so left, the cloud descended to give us some clarity–and to let a little peek of a mountain tip through!! Praise be! Let me tell you, we SPRINTED out to take those photos before the cloud came back!

At the end, we were up in front of the chapel and Lindsay said, “Wait. Is that a rainbow?!?” Peeking through the trees was a little color so we SPRINTED back down and got some awesome silhouette shots with the rainbow! Turns out when they were driving up the mountain Lindsay had mentioned, “Well, if it is going to rain, maybe we can see a rainbow.” I think the Lord heard that little hope of her heart, and what a precious gift to have seen it and captured that moment. Ah! My heart is full!

Lindsay and Chris (and fam!), it was such a joy! I wish you guys all the best and more! <3


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