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Jessica & Jordan’s Pretty Place Wedding

If you ever ask me my favorite time of day to shoot a wedding at Pretty Place, it is morning for sure! There’s a good chance you can get married with some gorgeous fog lying low between the mountain peeks, and the lighting in the morning makes mountains stand out against that early morning sky. It isn’t feasible for everyone to get married in the morning, and all times of day are certainly beautiful, but mornings here are something special!

We had planned to do all Jessica and Jordan’s portraits after the ceremony because of timing, but when I was headed up the mountain, I could see that there was a good chance of having some of that magical fog when we arrived. But the thing about fog is…it burns off…and FAST at that elevation! So these two were champions and we adjusted their day of timeline to add in a first look and some fog portraits….and I don’t think they are disappointed….see below! (And the fog was all gone by the time the ceremony ended!)

But the fog was just icing on the cake. The real treat of the day was Jessica and her daughter and Jordan and his daughter. Family. They had the girls stand up with them during the ceremony, and they did what little girls do: play in the poofy dress, giggle, try to talk to them. Some people might have gotten frustrated, but they just laughed and embraced their girls–their family–just as they were in the moment. It was precious to watch. The whole time was relaxed, focused on what and WHO mattered, and the fact that they, and God, were creating a family all together. They were all smiles and laughs, along with their closest people. It was a delight to just be around them!

Sending big hugs to Mr. and Mrs. Gunnels!! It is a day I won’t soon forget!



Oh the fog. Have I mentioned that it was glorious?!?  AND LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE GIRLS!!    

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