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Ash & Bryan’s Hot Springs Hometown Engagement Session

When Ash first reached out, she said the most important part of her wedding day was making sure to capture it with amazing photos (that, and delicious food–my girl!!) and that is going to be *no problem*. I mean, look at these two! They are naturals!

I loved that we did their engagement session in their small town–Hot Springs, NC. It reminded me a good bit of where I grew up. When we walked around downtown, everyone knew these two by name and they even made a dinner reservation by yelling across the street to a friend who was working at the restaurant. LOVE! And this beautiful river location? It is their catfishing spot! Ash just took off her shoes and got kicked around in the shallows. What a dream!

Most of all, Bryan and Ash are the picture of kindness and love. Their wedding in May is going to be a beautiful, heart felt day that focuses on what matters most–family and love–and having a good time!! Sending big hugs, you two!!

Can’t wait until 05/22!!! 

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