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Katelyn and Lawrence’s Wedding at The Cotton Press

Introducing…. Mr. and Mrs. Partrich!!!

Joy bomb. That is what these two are! They were smiling the whole day and I think really did love every second of their wedding day! You know where these two first met??? In a high school PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS!! What on earth–they are my people! I had never been to their wedding venue before, but The Cotton Press is a gem in the small town of Little Mountain, SC. (Right outside of the Columbia area) There were gorgeous photo options inside and outside–I love exploring a new place!

Some of my favorite things about their day were:

  • Check out that Chevy Bel Air getaway car! In teal!! I pulled in the morning of the wedding and practically salivated when I saw that beauty! Taking some sunset portraits with the car was a creative highlight for me!
  • Charcuterie cups. I love a charcuterie board, and during cocktail hour, they had individual charcuterie cups for guests…they were the cutest and most delicious thing!
  • Katelyn’s dress! Dresses are so individual to each bride and I LOVED the paneled train on Katelyn’s dress. It was literally FUN to fluff this dress, but was even more gorgeous after it was all laid out. So great!
  • I can’t leave out the Camp McCall guys! Lawrence was a camper at Camp McCall since childhood and now is on staff. Turns out that staffers have “camp names” and lots of Lawrence’s groomsmen were camp friends. Needless to say when I was asking the groomsmen their names and they gave their camp names, I wasn’t sure what was happening for a minute. I quickly caught on and really loved calling using their camp names all day!

Katelyn and Lawrence, it was such JOY to get to know you and photograph this time in life. The world is brighter because of you two!

Much love, Jessie

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