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Amber and Mason’s Wildcat Wayside and Bald Rock Engagement Session

Amber and Mason drove 3+ hours to hang out in the mountains with me….along with Jasper and Juliet, their sweet pups! I’d say it was so worth it!!

Amber is a traveling nurse so we had to catch her when she was in the area and you never know when you pick out a date from the calendar what the day will be like. But this day was BEAUTIFUL and apparently also had a super moon! What better place than Bald Rock to see a lunar event, so we hung around trying to catch a moon shot. It didn’t look like it was in the cards because a pesky cloud kept hanging out and blocking the moon. That is until about the last 5 min or so of usable light and then BAM! Scroll to see what I mean. It was such a sweet moment to catch with these two!

Special mention to their sweet pups, Jasper and Juliet, who were so cute and were just *created* to be sibling dogs. (I love some alliteration!) 🙂 Talk to you two soon, my friends!

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