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Elyse and Wes’s Dataw Island Club Wedding

September 25th held the dreamiest lowcountry wedding for Elyse and Wes. Here they are: Mr. and Mrs. Davis!

First of all just let me say that Elyse and Wes are two of the nicest people you’d ever hope to meet! I know I am biased, but rightly so! The couples I get to work with are just *the best*!! From the first time I talked to Elyse, I knew we would get along so well. She lives a little outside of Greenville in Greenwood, SC and talked about how she just loved the lowcountry and how her and Wes got engaged down that way at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. LOVE! When I asked about her venue, I was so excited that it was down toward the coast, and after googling the Dataw Island Club, I was that much MORE excited for this day. Everything Elyse and Wes surrounded themselves with from the venue, florals, rings, to more importantly, the family and friends….were so beautiful. That is fitting for a couple like this who will together spread so much kindness and beauty to the world.

Some of my favorite things about their day were:

– In the detail shots, Elyse included some oyster shells that her and Wes picked up early in their relationship on a trip to Beaufort. How perfect that they included some special momentos to prop those rings up on. Always include those sentimental items!

– Remember how they got engaged at some riuns? Well…the Dataw Island Club has some ruins on property! Are you kidding me?!?!? So we did Elyse’s bridal portrait time there!

– As I was photographing the processional, I was knelt down pretty close to where Wes’s grandparents were seated. When they saw him starting down the aisle, they were beside themselves with happiness and it nearly made me cry. It was so sweet! Scroll down to see that sweet moment!

– This is not photo related, but Elyse and I bonded over our shared performance anxiety related to driving gold carts. HA. The struggle is real!

– It was my second (maybe 3rd?) wedding with a Pennsylvania Cookie Table which has to be one of my favorite regional wedding traditions! Each family brings a big batch of their family’s favorite cookies to share! And I am here. for. it!

– The reception was so fun with kids and grandparents and everyone in between dancing. You could just tell how important family and celebration is to the extended family, which was both heart warming and crazy FUN!

Elyse and Wes, it was an honor getting to the months ahead of time planning, and then this gorgeous day with you! Thank you for choosing me!

Ok, here is that series with Wes’s grandparents. How precious, am I right?!?

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