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Katlyn & Brandon’s Avenue Greenville Wedding

“She’s your lobster.” Friends quote. IYKYK.

These two have been together for a long time and now they are officially spending forever as best friends and husband and wife. YAY for the Mr. and Mrs. Sewell!

These two are high school sweethearts, but actually met in high school computer class. I mean, straight out of a movie, right!?! After a Covid-ridden engagement and a rescheduled vacation, they were on a walk at the beach. When they made it to the end of the island and Katlyn turned around to start them walking back. When she tuned, there was Brandon on one knee. And the rest is history!

Their wedding day at Avenue in downtown Greenville was just as dreamy as that story. Some of my favorite moments of their day were:

– Their detail images were so beautifully lit in the Avenue lobby and Katlyn included the promise ring Brandon gave her years ago. It was such a precious touch to photograph on their wedding invitations. Scroll down to see!

– Katlyn’s dress and veil….I love a long train and veil to play with, and man was it fun! And glamorous! She looked like she was straight out of a bridal magazine!

– The little ones in the wedding were designated as “ring security” and it was adorable!

– Katlyn and Brandon had a last dance while the rest of everyone got ready for the exit and it was a sweet time to take it all in from the whole day before heading out. Throughout the day I would look over and Katlyn would be wiping away a (happy) tear. I think these two did a great job of taking in the day all along and it was so special to see. <3

– That exit! I love exits in the Avenue lobby and these streamers in their wedding colors made it gorgeous!

Katlyn and Brandon, your wedding was a favorite! Thanks for trusting me and letting me get to know you. Keep in touch, friends!




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