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Brooke and Jack’s Bluffton, SC Wedding at Venue 1223

These two have my heart! Jack and Brooke, everyone!


These high school sweethearts have been together since 11th grade, but were friends WAY before that. The history is strong with these two, and that was so evident through all my time with them in how much peace there was between them. They are most themselves when they are together, and it was so beautiful.  I mean, when people have shared back to the middle school years, that stuff runs DEEP! 🙂

Brooke and Jackson are from Georgia, but wanted to get away with their closest people for their wedding and a Bluffton, SC wedding was just the perfect fit. The lowcountry SHOWED OUT for them like it was celebrating too!! If I could do it all over again, SIGN. ME. UP.! I have friends in Brooke and Jack–so you two stay in touch. Love ya, mean it 🙂

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

– When I popped open the box with all Brooke’s wedding details there was the daintiest little necklace in there. Immediately I knew there had to be a story with that necklace, so I asked. Oh man. So Brooke had always wanted to have something from Tiffany’s, so Jackson took her. When they entered the store, the maybe a *teeny* bit rude salesperson told them that the “cheaper” section was “over there”. Hint taken–so they went over and he brought her this sweet little dainty necklace. That she has worn ever since. What a precious little picture of young, true love. w

– Those first look/private vow tears were the sweetest!! They were flowing for both Brooke and Jackson in the sweetest way. They kept saying “This is so hard!!” Which I get–but honestly it was just a sign that they were in the moment and taking it all in–just as everyone would hope to on their wedding day. Bravo, friends! And bonus points that they played rock, paper, scissors to decide who went first!

– Brooke also chose to do a first look with her dad and grandad. I mean, grandads have my heart!

– Spanish moss. Need I say more?!? Apparently when you live in the lowcountry it becomes commonplaces, but it will never be anything but magical to me!

– Dancing was on point for this crew! People were on the dance floor the whole time and it was SO FUN!

– Cue the confetti!! This confetti exit was gorgeous!! I love confetti and Brooke mentioned early in the day that the white confetti mimicked the white detail of her dress. It totally did, and it was magical!!

Brooke and Jack–it was such a perfect day! Do it again next weekend?!? 🙂  Happy honeymooning, my friends!

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