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Rachel & Lamond’s Old Stone Church Wedding

After a week of rain, the weather wasn’t the only perfect thing about Rachel and Lamond’s weddng day! These two….well, just look at them!

Rachel and Lamond live outside of DC but came back to where Rachel grew up for a wedding with their closest people. It was at the beautiful Old Stone Church which Rachel’s mom has helped restore and keep as a historic landmark for the community. I love what Rachel posted after the wedding–that Lamond said that if they had all the money on the table and was asked if they wanted the cash or the wedding, that he would take the wedding all over again. Having your people together. Gathering in celebration. It matters, and it is beautiful. Rachel and Lamond, your day was full of all the good things.

Some of my favorite parts of the day were:

– During the ceremony, a friend of the family sung a rendition of The Lord’s Prayer. The way it filled that historic chapel where people have worshipped for more than 100 years…it was special. The chill bumps were real and it was super meaningful!

– The wedding party was all family including Rachel’s sweet niece. It was so full of love to see them surrounded so closely by people who had walked so much life with them!

– If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times–I LOVE¬† PHOTOGRAPHING LONG VEILS!

– Their reception was at Rachel’s mom’s property and my word was it gorgeous!! It could be a wedding venue in itsself, but was so special that both locations were so personal to the family.

– Lamond and Rachel spoke at one point in the reception and gave such heart felt words about what the gathering meant to them. It was moving. And when Lamond talked about how much he admired his son and daughter in law’s marriage, there were lots of tears getting wiped away!

Rachel and Lamond, thank you so much for trusting me with this special day. It was an honor! Sending best wishes to the newlyweds!

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