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Shelly & Anthony’s Lindsey Plantation Wedding

If I can tell you one thing for sure, I can say that Shelly might be the best hugger I have ever had the honor of photographing! And has a smile that lights up not just the room, but the zip code! And every time I caught glance of Anthony, he was just adoring everything about his new bride. Mr. and Mrs. May….what a treat you both are!

We have been planning this day for a while now and it was clear from the beginning that Shelly’s biggest priority for her wedding was her *people*. We planned out details but at the end of the day it was clear that what she cared about most was being with and loving on her family and friends, and making sure that the celebration revolved around that. I’d say mission accomplished, my friend!!

I remember back at their engagement session (in the middle of the summer heat), that they were hoping for a wedding day with as little sweat as possible! HA! In South Carolina as weird as it sounds, you can’t necessarily KNOW that there will be no sweat in November, but it was a win there too. If anything, we needed a blanket! 🙂

Some of my favorite things about their day were

– THE WEDDING CAPE! Guys. I am all here for a wedding cape! Anthony loves Marvel movies and so it was on brand even if that part was an accident. 🙂 In fact, her dress was made by a family friend she has known her whole life and incorporated parts of her mom’s wedding dress. It was a precious personal touch that also was so fun!

– The first look! Anthony was not sure he wanted a first look at all, but decided to do one and do personal vows at the same time. It ended up being one of their favorite parts of the day, partly because it put them so much at ease to see each other and be TOGETHER more on their wedding day. You could just see the nerves melt away and feel them being so relaxed the rest of the day!

– During the ceremony I noticed several family members having Reece’s candy and wondered about what was going on there. After the ceremony I realized they were in honor of Shelly’s dad whose favorite candy it was. <3

– There was so much natural beauty on their day too. The fall color was at its height AND we got one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in a while. Photos don’t capture how grand it was, but we all just stared at it in awe.

Shelly and Anthony, you two are kind, generous, and full of life. The world is better because you are together. Big hugs to the Mays!!


  1. Lyssa Myers says:

    Jessie, These photos are fabulous! It was such a wonderful fall day, our family couldn’t wait to see them and you definitely delivered. You were so great and handled everything beautifully. It was so nice for Shelly to not have to worry about a thing, you and your team were so organized. Everything went seamlessly! Thank you so much, you are a treasure.

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