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Molly & Alexander’s Sassafras Mountain Engagement Session

Ok—aren’t these two just the CUTEST!?!!?

Molly and I planned well in advance for when we would do their engagement photos because they live out of town and were traveling back this way for a weekend to get the shoot in. Of course the weather on the day of was a solid…..questionable! We had the option of trying for the following day, but the forecast didn’t look much better then, so through rain on the first part of the drive, we decided to go for it! In fact, Alexander had the good instincts and we followed his confidence. AND I AM SO SO GLAD!

We started out the session in the bright sun and yet cool enough that I legitimately never broke a sweat. In July. Miracles happen! 🙂 We chatted and just had the best time–I even found out that Alexander is from a town in TN where my brother currently lives. How wild is that?! All the while we are walking around Sassafras Mountain loving the views and the fact that some big puffy clouds are rolling in. It is funny to look through the photos and see the progression. Go ahead…scroll down and look…

Ok, around here is it becoming apparent that we might start losing out mountain views on the other side of the mountain soon, so we decide to run over there real quick and make sure we get those in…

First we stop at these boulders though…

And we get to the other side and snap this super sweet one!! I said, “Ok, let’s run up and do a couple on the observatory before all the views are gone from the fog.” Well it wasn’t really fog because we were about to be consumed in huge huge clouds, as you can see…..

HERE! HAHA! The time between this frame and the previous one could not have been more than 2 minutes. So funny how weather can roll in up in the mountains, but we got shots in all the weather conditions and it was spectacular!! 🙂 Molly and Alexander, bring on March! I can’t wait to celebrate you guys again!

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