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Molly and Alexander’s Wedding at The Ridge at Summit Farms

Mr. and Mrs. Fragopoulos!!!

Molly and Alexander are 2 of the most genuine, sweet people you’d hope to meet. Their wedding day reflected them beautifully. For as easy going as they are, these two also tend to bring dramatic weather with them! When we did their engagement shoot at Sassafras Mountain, it started out sunny and then about an hour in, we literally watched a storm barrel toward us as we raced it back to our cars! Their wedding day was all sunny all day….but man the wind!! It might win for windiest wedding day, but these 2 handled it with SUCH grace–and they were rewarded in some amazing photos to be sure!

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

  • Molly’s dress and veil!! The overlay detail was absolutely exquisite and you guys know I am in love with a long veil!! It blowing in the wind was like something out of a movie!
  • Their ceremony was so centered on the Lord and felt like we all got a good reminder of what a gift and representation marriage is. Their private moment of prayer at the end had me in tears.
  • Alexander has spent some time out west on a ranch and a couple of his groomsmen were friends from there. They brought him out some ranch accessories for his groom portraits and it was everything!
  • When I saw Emerald Empire Band setting up, I knew the party was going to be *just right*!! It was–they are the best!
  • Peep that sunset–one of the best ones I have seen in so long and I LOVED that they were game to jump in for a couple more portraits in that epic end of the night!

Alexander and Molly–thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day. It was absolutely a dream! <3

Venue: The Ridge at Summit Farms

Band: Emerald Empire Band

Bridal Gown: Bridal House of Charleston

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