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Mandie and Carter’s Biltmore Estate Engagement Session

When Mandie and I started talking about what kind of feel they wanted for their engagement session, one of the options I sent her, kind of on a whim, was The Biltmore Estate. I have thrown it out several times, but often for very understandable reasons, people don’t want to travel up quite that far. But Mandie’s response was super enthusiastic and I had been excited ever since! It was the most beautiful afternoon at the estate, and we spent lots of time hanging out, chatting, and getting these gorgeous, glowing images!

Mandie is a nurse and Carter is in nursing school currently. They have one of the most unique proposal stories around. When they got engaged, Mandie was working on in the Covid only unit at the hospital and Carter was living with an older couple who happened to be at-risk. In an effort not to expose the family he was living with, Carter proposed in a friends back yard–6 feet apart! When Mandie said yes, he slid her the ring, still 6 feet apart! Won’t that be a crazy story to tell down through the generations?!?

Now they can be closer than 6 feet (thank goodness!) and I had the best time with them. I can’t wait to hang again at Aurora Farms for your wedding, friends!


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