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Jessica and Toll’s Pretty Place and Larkins Wedding

That smile on their faces….it did not fade the whole day. Their face muscles probably cramped up. Jessica and Toll, did your cheek muscles cramp up?!?

Jessica and Toll are full of JOY and that joy overflowed onto every part of their wedding day, and to each person attending–including me! It was so FUN and I really did use voice to text on the way down the mountain from Pretty Place to Larkins to record all the sweet moments so I wouldn’t forget to mention them here. So here we go!:

  • Toll and Jessica love board games….and….Hayes and I might own a few board games….maybe?!? We included the game called Pandemic in their engagement session which is a personal favorite. (Not just because of the current state of our world. But also because it really is super fun!) Well whhen I showed up to photograph details, Jessica showed me her dress hanger. The back had the role is usually plays in the game (Medic) and “Singleness eradicated 10-30-20) 100% embracing the inner nerd over here!
  • Jessica’s bouquet had some flowers made from sheet music. Recently they were going through some of Toll’s old boxes and found the sheet music that he used to audition to come to USC. That is what brought him to SC and ultimately what led him and Jessica together. And that very sheet music was in her bouquet. Cue the tears!
  • Jessica’s engagement ring belonged to Toll’s great great great grandmother from around 1840. WHAAAAAAA…..And when Toll proposed and slipped it on Jessica’s finger, it fit perfected. 1840 to now…no resizing needed!
  • After they were pronounced man and wife, they got out buckets of candy to hand out to their guests on their way out of the chapel. I mean, it was practically Halloween right?!!
  • They have a sweet dog named Baxter who didn’t make an appearance at the wedding, but he did have the bar named after him! Baxter’s Bar. Also, apparently at his doggy day care for the day, they used the little puppy cake that Jessica sent for him to do a doggie bachelor party!! I am about to text Jessica now because I must see photos from that!!

Jessica and Toll, be sure to stay in touch! Your wedding is one that I will remember for a long time and we need to have a game night! Much love, Jessie



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