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Thamie & James’s Wedding at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Mr. and Mrs. Bakis, everyone!!

Say Greek wedding and I. Am. There. !!!

Hayes has one branch of his family who is Greek, so we have gotten to go to some Greek family weddings, and they are always full of tradition, meaning, and a celebration like none other. It was the same with Thamie and James–what a beautiful day they had!

Some of my favorite parts of their day were:

  • The crown Thamie wore. Her grandmother wore it in her wedding and when Thamie happened upon it, she knew she wanted to restore it and wear it for herself. Her grandmother was skeptical saying maybe it was too far gone. But Thamie prevailed, and it was such a beautiful way to honor her family by wearing this heirloom! (Scroll to her bridal portraits to see it!)
  • Check out the sweetest little curly headed flower girl!! Early in the day I caught the sweetest photo of her snoozing away, and she kept the nap going through the ceremony (scroll to see that one too!), but then she was READY when it was dancing time! Seeing a multi-generational family having fun together was such a joy and one of my favorite parts of the day!
  • Speaking of dancing…I was looking forward to the dancing all day and it did not disappoint!

Congratulations, Thamie and James! Keep that celebration going!!

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