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Marley & Justin’s St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Backyard Wedding

These two have got to be two of the most relaxed people on their wedding day that there ever were! Their day followed suit–they focused on what was important to them and didn’t sweat everything else. That way of living will be such a GIFT in the years to come in their marriage and was a great reminder to me and everyone else who spent the day with them.

So here we go…Mr. and Mrs. Janicke everyone!!

During their ceremony, the priest said (and not a perfect quote I am sure), “You all have known each other for 5 years. And that is amazing!! And yet, you barely know each other. You have years ahead of coming to know each other with increasing depth. And one day, God willing, you will sit in a similar position but in your parents seats…and then as grandparents…”

What we do with our lives echoes through the generations coming. That’s true whether you have biological kids or not–we all have people besides parents who have shaped us. A wedding day is one of the biggest landmarks on that timeline and capturing them is such JOY to me!

Each day has its own things that make it unique. Here are a few from Marley & Justin’s day that stuck out!

  • They got ready and had their reception at Marley’s parents BEAUTIFUL home. When the specific setting of the day is this personal and significant, it always stands out to me. Years to come they will see their portraits and not only remember the wedding day, but all the events in that home.
  • The crepe myrtles in the yard were the perfect portrait backdrop. Anyone else noticing the crepe myrtles more significantly this year than ever before?
  • Table 301 OUTDID THEMSELVES on the food. Bravo, friends!
  • Their reception at the Grimshaw home looked like a garden party. Strong lights, cafe tables, beautiful greenery–loved it!
  • I said it already but it was so true I have to say it again: Marley and Justin were so relaxed and low key in the very best way.

Wishing you a life filled with that same peace and enjoyment, you two! Happy honeymooning and keep in touch!

OH and say hi to Chief for me!!

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