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Jessica & Charles’s Pretty Place and Venue at Falls Park Wedding

If this wasn’t just the most relaxed…blissful day!! Wow–bravo to Charlie and Jessica!!

When the dating site matches you at 99%, I mean that is a sign, right?!? That is what happened for Charlie and Jessica. So much so that early on Charlie said (jokingly), “So does a fall wedding in the mountains sound good?” Jokes on him! They indeed DID have the most beautiful fall wedding in the mountains! He knew all along, didn’t he?!?

How to choose my favorite parts of their day? These are just some highlights because the whole day was perfect!

  • Pretty Place is just a whole other brand of beautiful in the fall and the mountain views on Nov. 4 were just unspeakably grand!
  • Falls Park holds special meaning in their relationship and so having the reception at The Venue at Falls Park was perfect (and beautiful in its own right), and gave us easy access to some amazing extra portrait locations!
  • Generally speaking, their day was the epitome of peaceful, well paced, and delightful. Bravo, friends!
  • THEY HAD PIZZA FOR THE RECEPTION. Shall I say it one more time for those in the back?? Yes, PIZZA! I was a big fan and Coastal Crust’s food truck was a homerun in my book!
  • During his toast, Jessica’s dad told us that when Jessica first described Charlie to them, she said he looked like a better looking Ray Romano. And I laughed a lot. She is not wrong!
  • Jessica and her grandfather have such a sweet relationship. At the reception they danced to “That’s Amore” and the whole crowd was swaying with them as they danced and sang along. It is a moment I won’t soon forget. No dry eyes in the house, including mine. Scroll down to see that!

Jessica and Charles, don’t be strangers! I like you guys too much!! 🙂 Congratuations to the newlyweds!


Venues: Pretty Place & The Venue at Falls Park

Hair and Makeup: Cotton Rouge and Co

Cake: Couture Cakes

Catering: Coastal Crust of Greenville

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