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Alison & Andrew’s Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and Venue at Falls Park Wedding

For nearly a year I have been looking SO forward to this wedding and now I can finally say it….Alison and Andrew are MARRIED!!

I listen to a favorite podcast and one of the things the host says all the time is, “I love when my friends become friends with my friends!” (Lookin’ at you Annie F. Downs!) When I get to be that “friend” (aka photographer) who gets to be friends with your friends, that is MY favorite! I shot Alison’s BFF’s wedding in June and last week I got to shoot her wedding too. Shooting weddings for groups of friends–and becoming their friend– is my actual favorite! YAY!!

Let’s talk about the powerhouse couple that is Alison and Andrew. She is a doctor. He is an engineer. They are precious. And brace yourself for this….they MET IN PRESCHOOL in Maryland!!! They lost touch until they both happened to end up at Clemson and THEIR MOMS recognized each other at freshman drop off from their preschool days!!!! How amazing is that?!? Commence years of being on the same flights home and families getting together in Clemson…and then they end up together too. It is just a Hallmark movie, right?!?

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding at The Cliffs and Glassy and Venue at Falls Park were:

  • When Alison got to Andrew at the end of the aisle, they bumped heads and said a little, “Hey.” And my heart melted right there in the Chapel!
  • You know me–I have to mention her veil. It was long and perfect and sparkly. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Those views at Cliffs at Glassy Chapel were so beautiful! We did their engagement session there back in the summer closer sunset, and this time it was closer to the middle of the day. I loved how we get some variety between the two shoots and they were both gorgeous!
  • When we got downtown we did a few portraits in Falls Park outside the Venue at Falls park and there’s something so special about walking around downtown in your wedding dress. The whole city is on your team and congratulating you! Love! (Plus those portraits add some fun variet
  • Ice cream truck! Need I say more?!? Molly and Myles came out to serve up ice cream instead of cake and I was *there for it!* And I am telling you they were full sized portions and it was the perfect pick me up!
  • These Clemson grads had the tiger cub come out and they danced the night away!

Alison and Andrew, it was an *honor* and if preschool to now brought you this far, I am so ecited to watch what other adventures are ahead! Happy Honeymooning!

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